Two Hearts


P2080036 copy 2My background in music is diverse and comprehensive: I am a full time public school music teacher, a composer and arranger of nearly five hundred published pieces of music, a church choir director, and a performing musician.

I have been a music teacher and the choir director at East Stroudsburg High School South since 1991. Teaching and inspiring large groups of teens on a day-to-day basis has taught me to be quick on my feet, so to speak. Dealing with parents that you don’t always know that well sharpens your people skills, as well. Planning and executing quality concerts keeps the creative juices flowing.

As a church choir director, I am responsible to pick music appropriate to the service at hand, keeping in mind the tastes of the choir members and congregation. As with my school job, I am constantly in front of large crowds of people while performing and conducting others in musical presentations.

Compiling nearly five hundred published choral pieces for school and church since 1981 has also required continued diligence and creativity.  Each new piece starts with a small seed and develops through inherent creativity, aided by knowledge gained from decades of musical training and practice.

My years of experience as a performing musician bear the most weight, however. I have played and sung at weddings services, wedding receptions, parties, and funerals. I’ve also played in jazz clubs, jazz festivals, church and recording studios.  Classical, jazz, rock, pop, easy listening, Broadway, and standards are all part of my repertoire. I play the bass, cello, and piano, and I sing.

Marti and I have been making music together since 1979. Ours is a partnership based on love for one another and family, and love of music.

Our family lives in Sciota, PA, since 1991. We have 6 children between us, and each child has been happily involved with music. I like to garden, listen to live music, and follow and enjoy the accomplishments of my children.